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Collections can be viewed via the Browse Collections alphabetical list, with information links that show the metadata about the particular collection and its individual resources.

  • Following the link on a collection title provides a list of all resources in the library that belong to that collection
  • Following the link to Full description and summary provides summary collection information (the collection record) and a graphical display of the distribution of resources in the collection across four categories: Education Level, Resource Type, Subject, And Audience. Following each of those individual links will give access to search results filtered by those factors.
  • Following the URL link takes you to the collection provider site

Metadata are standardized descriptions of digital and physical resources - such as the title, author, subject, and text or multimedia format - that aid in the discovery and comprehension of those resources. Usually defined as "data about data".

The metadata are the information stored in the database that the search engine looks at when it performs a search. When full text of the resource is available, the search engine searches through the entire item in addition to the metadata provided.