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K-12 Educational Standards

Via the Standards menu on any NSDL page, users can browse over the following specific sets of national educational standards, and find resources aligned with key learning goals specified in these standards:

Select a standards set, and drill-down to sub-levels within the standard, via drop-down selections. Relevant grade levels and number of resources available are shown in parentheses, for each standard and sub-level chosen.

NSDL Common Core Math Top Picks

In addition to the overall Common Core Math collection, NSDL provides access to Common Core Math Top Picks (Explore menu, above). This is a subset of Common Core Math-aligned materials, selected from the larger NDSL CCM collection, featured in a user interface that is organized by grade, and then domain.

This collection was developed from 2011-2012 with partner educator specialists with expertise in standards development and alignment, who performed careful analysis of and association with the Common Core Math Standards and Practices.