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Note: If you have a single resource to recommend rather than a collection of resources, stop here. Please fill out our Recommend a Resource form.

A collection is an assemblage of related individual resources, typically grouped according to a particular theme, topic, audience, and/or managing institution. Collections must conform to the NSDL Collection Development Policy. The Contribute Resources and Collections document describes the collection submission process in full.

To make every item in the collection you are submitting discoverable via a National Science Digital Library (NSDL) search, you will need to provide a metadata record for each item (see the NSDL_DC Metadata Guidelines). The first step, however, is to complete this Submit a Collection form, which provides NSDL with the following preliminary information:

  • Descriptive information about the collection
  • Information about how your metadata records will be shared with or sent to NSDL
  • Your email address (which will be kept confidential)
  • A brand image of your collection in a .jpg file format that is no larger than 100 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall (edit the image as needed for clarity and to prevent distortion)

To submit a collection for consideration, please enter the homepage URL of the collection in the first box below. Type the validation code in the second box, and click the Continue button.

After you click Continue the system will perform a scan of NSDL's holdings to check whether the collection you are recommending is already in the library. If not you will be asked to provide the information listed above.

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Validation Code

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Collections are accepted into the Library if they conform to the NSDL mission, collection scope, and quality guidelines as defined in the NSDL Collection Policy. If you have questions, contact NSDL.