The Newark Lowlands tour is part of the New York Landscape Regions Collection of Google Earth Tours created by a group of New York State science educators. This tour lets students see the Ramapo Fault at the Lowlands' northwestern boundary and the Palisades Sill on the western shore of the Hudson River. The Sparkill Gap, a pre-Ice Age weak spot in the Palisades Sill through which the Hudson River once flowed, can be observed. There is also an activity in which students explore the economic, social, and environmental issues associated with constructing the Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River.


SubjectsChemistry, Ecology, Forestry and Agriculture, Geoscience, Physics, Social Sciences, Space Science
Education levelHigh School, Middle School
Resource typesInstructional Material
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New York State Earth Science Instructional Collection
Title New York State Earth Science Instructional Collection
Link http://stevekluge.com/geoscience/projects/nysic/
Description The New York State Earth Science Instructional Collection (NYSESIC) is a thematic collection focusing on instructional materials that support teaching and learning in relation to the New York Earth Science Regents exam. The topics covered by the collection include solid Earth forms and processes, atmospheric composition and dynamics, forms and mechanics of water, bodies and mechanics in space, Earth history and Earth models.