Maleic acid is colorless to white crystals with a faint acidulous odor and a characteristic repulsive, astringent taste. Maleic acid is used in making polyesters, surface coatings, lubricant additives, agricultural chemicals and paint vehicles. It is used in organic synthesis of fumaric acid, succinic, aspartic, tartaric, propionic, lactic, malonic, acrylic and hydrocarylic acids. Maleic acid and its anhydride are prepared industrially by the catalytic oxidation of benzene. Maleic acid may be released into waste water during its production and used in the manufacture of polymer products. Dust of maleic acid is irritating to the eyes, nose and throat. The general population is exposed to maleic acid in areas with heavy traffic since it is found in aerosols from auto exhaust.


Subjectslubricants, paint, polyesters
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Reciprocal Net: a distributed crystallography network for researchers, students, and the general public
Title Reciprocal Net: A Distributed Crystallography Network for Researchers, Students, and the General Public
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Description Reciprocal Net is a digital collection of molecular structures in crystallography and chemistry. Innovative visualizing tools provide a valuable glimpse into structural details of substances. For each molecular structure, the chemical formula and an explanation is given. The website also has other reference information and some demonstrations and learning modules. The content of this collection comes principally from structures contributed by participating crystallography laboratories, thus providing a means for teachers, students, and the general public to connect better with current chemistry research. The Reciprocal Net's emphasis is on obtaining structures of general interest and usefulness to those several classes of digital-library users.