Yet another specialized repository from Elsevier Science, this Web site is a platform that provides access to many publications and research papers related to computer science. Full text is available for over 70 specialized journals. There are often promotions for journals that grant free online access for a trial period. This is the case for Applied Soft Computing, which is available to the public until 2003. Other publications are sorted into categories such as computational intelligence, computer vision, information systems, and several more. The site also has a powerful article submission section. Authors can select a journal that is similar to their article's topic, and the submission process for that journal is displayed. Electronic submission is included, if available. This site is also reviewed in the October 11, 2002 Scout Report.CL]


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Internet Scout Project
Title Internet Scout Project
Description The Internet Scout Report provides evaluation and annotation of high-quality online resources, particularly those that will be of value to the education community. Each resource is selected, researched, and annotated by a team of professional librarians and subject-matter experts, who evaluate sites on the basis of their content, authority, upkeep, presentation, availability, and cost. Published since 1994, the Report is one of the internet's oldest and most respected publications. The Internet Scout Project is part of the College of Letters and Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison.