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NSDL on iTunes U

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Take NSDL With You Wherever You Go

NSDL provides access to audio, video, and other multimedia resources for science and math education through Apple's iTunes Store. iTunes U is a free service that gives users of iTunes access to audio and video from leading educational institutions.

The Beyond Campus section of iTunes U includes museums, public radio and television stations, and other non-profit educational providers.

There is no cost to use or download materials from NSDL on iTunes U.

Content is added on a regular basis, so NSDL projects and other providers who have multimedia materials that may be appropriate for inclusion in the site are encouraged to complete NSDL's Contact Us form.

With NSDL on iTunes U, you can:

  • Download videos, podcasts, educators' guides, and other resources for teaching and learning
  • Play audio and video on your iPod, Mac, or PC; or burn a CD
  • Experience new modes of on-demand learning through NSDL and its partners

Getting Started

  • If you already have iTunes installed on your computer


  • If you need to download iTunes first,
    • Go to to download iTunes for Mac or Windows machines, and follow the instructions provided. After installation you may need to restart your computer before you can connect to the iTunes Store.


    • Open the iTunes Store and navigate to iTunes U, then Beyond Campus, then NSDL on iTunes U.


    • Go directly to NSDL on iTunes U
iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.