NSDL Network Partners

NSDL network partners contribute collections of metadata (descriptive information) about resources to NSDL that are discipline-focused (e.g., chemistry), audience-focused (e.g., middle school educators), or resources of a specific type or format (e.g., multimedia content).

  • Blue link on the provider name: takes you to more information about that provider's special areas of service and features, with links to their entire collection(s) of resources in NSDL

  • Green link on the URL - takes you directly to the partner's own portal

Current Network Partners are:

AMSER: Applied Math and Science Education Repository
BEN: Biological Sciences Pathway
CLEAN Pathway
CLEAN: Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network Pathway

Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness for Middle School to Undergraduate

CSERD logo
ChemEd Dig Lib
comPADRE: Resources for physics and astronomy education
DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education
Materials Digital Library Pathway
MatDL: Materials Digital Library Pathway

Materials Science for Undergraduate to Graduate

MathDL: Digital Classroom Resources
MSP2: Math and Science Pathways
PBS LearningMedia: multimedia resources for the classroom and professional development
PBS LearningMedia

Life, Earth, Space, and Physical Science for K-12

SMILE Pathway
Teach the Earth
Teach With Data